1987 - 20 Years and Counting

1987 was a pretty good year for me, so I want to commemorate it here. I just can't believe that twenty years have passed so quickly. Wait till the next twenty I suppose - see what happens. I'm going to scrounge around all my old photo albums and scrapbooks and see what I can find. I'm also going to send messages to people from then, and see if they will post an updated photo and info about themselves. That would be cool. There are some folks that I've lost contact with, that I'm sure are out there, and I'd love to find them too. Elizabeth Armfield for one, and Sam Lewis from camp, and Eric Clark from high school, although I don't think he's talking to me. I'd also like to find George, but he doesn't want to be found (plus he's from 1989, so he may be waiting twenty years too). Okay, so I better go find those pics.

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