Wild Kratts Field Journal Notebook Printable

I am super excited to present to you the brand new FIELD JOURNAL that is now ready to go with our Wild Kratts animal study! It's only taken me a year to pull it all together and get it completed. I hope your kids love it as much as we do!


This field journal has been created to fit on legal size paper. Legal size paper folds beautifully into an almost square shape that is perfect for kids to use and fits their hands.

Print this out on both sides of the paper and you could create an outstanding journal of your child's journey into animal habitats.

Included on 12 pages: Animals, Birds, Insects, Plants, Extra Notes & Observations, Animal Classification Chart, Leaf Chart, Sketch Areas and Scientific Identifiers.


I offer all my printables free of charge. However, for this field journal I am asking a small fee to cover the cost of art work. For $2 you can own this printable forever and print as many copies for your family as you like. I only ask that you do not sell or distribute as your own work. Please refer those interested to this page if they need a copy.



I hope you enjoy this and that it adds some fun to your school day!

Thanks to the Graphics Fairy for vintage animal images.



alternative cover without WK logo

Creativebug Junkie....Give One, Get One

I sent the gift of craftivity to my daughter for an early Christmas gift...she just finished her first semester of grad school and has been itching to get crafty and hone her watercolor skills. So this little gift came at the perfect moment! Plus, because I love Creativebug so much I kept the extra subscription for myself! Click on the image to hop over to their site and sign up...this awesome offer ends onf 12/31/15.

Organize Your Desktop

I cannot stay organized, can you? I created a desktop organizer for all the folders on my screen...

You are welcome to try it out yourself if you like. Just save the above image as a jpg on your desktop and load as a screen background...

Would you like more designs? Let me know and I will make a few more!

Have a blessed day everyone!

Learning To Watercolor

Creativebug is my new favorite! I signed up for two free weeks and I've been learning how to watercolor and how to calligraph(y). It's pretty cool. And I like FREE.

Here's some shots of my watercolors.
I will post some calligraphy when I get something nice done, so far it's just a lot of practice.

I started off with the wreath. You basically put some spots of color in a circle and then had vines and leaves. You then proceed to make the details with either a pen or colored pencil or with your brush if you feel up to it. Wreaths are very forgiving, so get creative. Then I went online and found some tutorials for roses, leaves and feathers - which are so cute. I could make my own greeting cards!!!

Hope you enjoyed this little peek at my new hobby! There's always something new brewing around here!

Happy Tickets and Reward Ideas List

Prize tickets are a fun way to encourage children to help around the house without grumbling or muttering or dragging their feet (ha ha). Use these FREE PRINTABLE tickets by printing out on card stock and using one ticket per child...when they help out with a "happy heart" they get a star stamped (or use a hole punch). When the stars are all stamped then a prize is in order. OR they can save up several tickets for a BIG PRIZE (like an amusement park, horse riding, renting a canoe, a party, a shopping spree etc).

What are some reward ideas you use with your family?

Click on the image to go to the FREE download. Feel free to share with your friends by sharing the link to this post, not the direct link to the image. Thank you! Created by Sarah at www.differentdog.com.

Do You Want To Build A Snowman Printable - Sort of

Last winter I made up a writing activity for the girls to go with all the snow we'd been having...they did really well with it...it has a beginning, middle and end, plus they get to illustrate the different stages of building a snowman. I know summer isn't even over yet, but you can save it for January!

Enjoy this free printable! (click the image to download)


Free Simple Homeschool Weekly Planner

Homeschool planning is challenging to say the least, but it can be a lot of fun for us moms who love to organize and create lists, and buy office supplies...

So I created an updated version of my homeschool planner FREE for you to download and print out. I place mine in a colorful three-ring binder and print out a page for each week.

I hope you enjoy! Feel free to share the link to this post (not the direct download link)!