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I feel like this past winter lasted forever...but now it's the end of May and no chance of snow in sight! My world is green again and the hustle of spring activities has died down, the slow hot breath of summer is upon the land.

My daughter Kathryne graduated from college last week, I was lucky enough to be there and partake in the jolly was relaxing and invigorating. I walked on the beach, ate amazing food, visited with friends, and came home with a renewed sense of adventure. I can certainly see how the winter season cocooned me and blocked my vision of what the future can be. 

My second daughter, Holland, asked me the other night about having adventures. It kind of broke my heart, because I identified with what she asked me. "When can I have adventures?". Wow. I've been asking myself that for forty years...and I've convinced myself that my life is an adventure. If I'm truthful about it, the adventurous part of me has been in limbo, thinking that raising two young daughters and maintaining a large home is what my story should be. When I was Holland's age I had thoughts of adventure, meeting new people, seeing amazing sites...I'm not sure if I've actually done that.

Adventure is about not being scared of the future...or what can go wrong. We as a society get so bogged down maintaining the status quo that we lose sight of what beauty the world holds. We also get bogged down in all the bad things that happen in our lives, health issues, crime, bills, worry, mean people...the drive to fit in and be "successful".

In my heart of hearts I know that I'm a rebellious person. I don't want to follow the rules of what I'm supposed to be doing. I don't want to die in my four bedroom brick ranch house that I owned for forty five years. I want to throw off the cloak that dumbs me down and see all the natural beauty that God created, and I want to BE IN IT. I want my kids to BE IN IT. 

I unpacked my little carry on case the other day and I looked around and thought about how I love living out of a suitcase. I didn't use half the stuff I packed. I don't wear the clothes hanging in my closet (maybe once or twice). This house I live in is packed with stuff I don't need or use very often. Why are we paying for storage of stuff we never use?? Hello????

There was a video on the Facebook yesterday that showed a family who had sold all their possessions and were driving around the world, educating their son themselves, living in nature, canoeing on lakes with no one around, working online when needed, enjoying vital, open lives. It struck a major chord with me.

I've had an affinity for tiny houses the past few years. I really wanted one. I've wanted to move from the house we're in for about four years. But I didn't know where we were supposed to be. Nowhere permanent. Life is short. I have twenty years before I'm officially retirement age. Let's move these feet that are turning to stone, and have a freakin' adventure!!!!

It's totally weird that a nomadic lifestyle for a few years appeals to me. I love my bed...not sure I can sleep in a space with three other people breathing. I love crafting (and you know that creates clutter). I just launched my online ribbon business and it's growing well. My daughter and son in law are moving to the same city we are in. Why would I want to pack it all up and drive away from that?

Because life is short right? I want my little girls to see things and have a wonderful, mysterious adventure. I want to look up in the sky and see millions of stars. Life isn't easy, but it is short. 

Next summer is my goal to get out of sell or give away all this crap that is sucking the life out of me. To drive around the country and visit all our friends in many states, to see the national parks, to dip our toes in all the waters, and to bond as a family. My husband is coming too, as soon as I can convince him.

Just think, no debt and no crap. Wow. That's big. When the two years on the road are over we will assess where we want to go...maybe build a tiny-ish house. Keep the rv so we can moonlight as fulltimers...

Stay tuned for more news...what I'm selling...what I'm buying to get ready...homeschooling on the hints...and all that jazz.

I'm SO EXCITED!!!! What is your passion?

Seed Growth Project Printable For Homeschool Learning

With Spring in the air we have begun a unit about plants and seeds growing. This is part one so the girls can track the progress of four different kinds of seeds. We went to Lowes and they chose cucumber, chives, cilantro and tomato seeds. I also grabbed one of those little green house trays with soil pods in it. They had a lot of fun plumping up the soil with water, and they made name tags for each one (for the art part that always must be included).

Download the four sheets containing the Seed Growth Chart Project and paste onto a folded construction paper folder. If you have any questions on how to proceed let me know and I will help you out!!!

Some good books and videos you could use with this unit are:

Time lapse of the germination of a bean:

Time lapse of the germination of a bean in soil:

Growing cucumbers:

Growing tomatoes from seed:

We've also ordered this book because it looks so good!
Click the book to go to Amazon

I also found a FREE resource at Playful Learning that you might want to's a bean sprouting activity with a video and printable, plus it lists many resources. Check it out!

What I'm Working On Now

I'm going to start a list of things I've made recently so I can see that I am actually accomplishing something! (Besides cooking, cleaning and teaching).

In December I made some cute "award" ribbons for my Readers' Theater students to end the semester...then I got a wild hair and started making a bunch just for fun. I will be listing these on Etsy soon. These came out really well, and I am thinking of creating a tutorial to show everyone how they are made. A lot of my inspiration came from Just Something I Made, because Cathe makes amazing award ribbons.

I used my new Mod Melts from Plaid to make the keys, painted them with silver, bronze, and gold Sharpies, then mounted them on scrapbook paper in an old frame. I think it turned out very cute!

I love saving Altoids tins and decided to try my hand at making altered boxes. These have a love theme because of Valentine's Day. My next one may have a more utilitarian theme, so I can use it everyday.

I took the plunge and had a photo of the girls enlarged and printed on "planner" paper. This is approximately 3x4 cost around $8 printed at Staples. I did it all online and then had my husband pick it up on the way home from work. I am going to hang this in the playroom I think.

Also had some postcards printed after I designed them in PS Elements...I used a "chalkboard" background and found the deer online, then added the heart and text. I got them printed at Vistaprint, because they were having a 50% off special. I have packs of ten with envelopes available for sale if you like this. (Zebra and Bee also available).

Tried my hand at making a lettered sign for Valentine's Day. The letters were $1.99 each, and the stain was around $5 with a coupon. The wood plank was free... Unfortunately I forgot to take an after photo, and I sold it at my booth. Sorry! Turned out cute though because I lightly dry stained it with the gray stain and then stenciled cute twirls in gold paint, also painted the letter gold. I had a drawer handle I wasn't using and screwed that in above the word. I have plans to make and sell a few more. Just need to get motivated. LOL.

Coming Up Soon:

I want to make new pillow covers for the spring, so they will be bright and cheery...but not sure when I will have "time". If you want to come back and check up on me or ask questions look for the direct link in my sidebar, just click and you'll end up here! See you then!

Number Cards Free Printable

Just print these out on cardstock and cut out...laminating makes them last longer too!
(Somehow I've lost #1 and will add those soon with extra numbers.

Click on image to enlarge and then save to your desktop

My Frog - Amphibian Worksheet Printable

I created this worksheet really quickly for my 5th graders to investigate an unusual frog during class time...I had two laptops available and put them into four groups so they could work together as a team. I've tried this previously with weird spider investigation, and it worked very well!

Click the worksheet to download for free.

Readers' Theater Class For Junior High and High School Homeschool

This year at our co-op I got to try something a little different and I have been enjoying it so much! As members we all get to teach a class, and some of my past classes have been Cooking 101, Blogging, and some crafting. This class, based on vocal drama, was originally inspired by a wonderful memory I have of reading a play aloud in 8th grade, called 12 Angry Men.

From this tiny seed of an idea I began researching what kind of class I could offer. No homework, except reading if they want to, or watching a movie, would be necessary. There are a few good sites on the web that talk about Readers' Theater, but not exactly homeschool friendly. So I created my own binder of ideas by cutting and pasting what I thought would work.

One of the other moms and I also acted out a short two person play to give them an idea of how a performer should act. You can also find some clever YouTube videos that can show a group working together.

Note: Some homeschoolers are advanced readers and some are not, so you have to be patient when there is a little difficulty in the reading. I have encouraged the other students to chime in with the correct pronunciation etc., which gets me off the hook. Everyone seems to take it all in stride.

The Reason For Readers' Theater

Theatrically, RT allows teachers to focus on the aural nature of a piece of literature. What do the characters sound like? How do you vocally interpret the characters? What kind of expression will you use? What images are created through the words? 

RT is an effective method for building fluency and comprehension. The more a student reads aloud, the easier reading becomes, the easier understanding occurs.
Reading aloud also helps to build reader confidence.

Start off your class with a warm up, physical and vocal. Be silly and get them laughing. We try to play a game each week and practice our reading the rest of the time. If there a several absent we will watch the coordinating movie of the play, such as Jane Eyre or The Importance of Being Earnest.

Here was our reading list for the first semester:

Here is what I gathered in my RT folder (Games, practice, and warm ups and some plays in Google Drive).

A good place to start online:

We purchased this book so we could have plenty of games to fall back on if we need them:

Here's a video of our performance of Where The Wild Things Are:

Good luck if you are trying and/or teaching Readers' Theater for the first time. I have had many of my students say that this is their favorite class!! Email me if you need more details or would like to add a link to your class.

Happy Reading!

Instagram Update - In Case You Change Your Instagram Name

Question - What's in a name?

I've been on Instagram a lot more lately. I decided to take Facebook off my phone because I felt like it was taking up a lot of my now I'm an Insta-junkie...ha ha.

Being on Instagram more and following more people has shown me the "cool" and "trendy" side of the "gram". Many grammers have really neat names that go with their blogs or whatever it is they actually do (be it make or sell something).

I got a little jealous and really wanted to change my boring Instagram name @sarahadabradford (which is my real name btw) to something for fun and follow-worthy.

I originally changed it to sarahadacreampuff, which was a nickname I had as a child, along with a few others like sarahadagarbagetruck and punkinhead. Anyway, I found that the creampuff one had me getting quite a bit of spam followers, so I changed it back. Then decided to shorten the name to sarahadab. Which is kind of unique...a dab can be a small part of something right?

So yesterday I was updating some pages on the blog and realized my Instagram widget was blank...nothing at all showing. Of course, I had to investigate and figure out the prob. It took my about five minutes to realize that I had changed my Instagram username and that must be the problem...

Answer - If you change your username you will have to reinstall your widget.

Don't forget I use SnapWidget as my widget of choice. Click here to try it yourself or go to my original post about how to install.


How To Add Instagram To Your Blog