Learning To Watercolor

Creativebug is my new favorite! I signed up for two free weeks and I've been learning how to watercolor and how to calligraph(y). It's pretty cool. And I like FREE.

Here's some shots of my watercolors.
I will post some calligraphy when I get something nice done, so far it's just a lot of practice.

I started off with the wreath. You basically put some spots of color in a circle and then had vines and leaves. You then proceed to make the details with either a pen or colored pencil or with your brush if you feel up to it. Wreaths are very forgiving, so get creative. Then I went online and found some tutorials for roses, leaves and feathers - which are so cute. I could make my own greeting cards!!!

Hope you enjoyed this little peek at my new hobby! There's always something new brewing around here!

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