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August 2013
My Dad, Me, My Daughter, My Brother, My Mom (Kathryne's birthday)


My beautiful daughter got married on September 7, 2012...to Drew DiLisio.

She's lovely in all ways. She is the person I always hoped to be...so I have fulfilled my destiny through her! Amen sistas!

I am married to my best friend (10 years now!), whom I met when I was 14. We have two adorable and precocious little girls together. Above is a collage of different decades and events.

My three beautiful daughters 2008
My three beautiful daughters in 2012

I started blogging in 2002 to journal the married life and that has morphed into a love of the art of blogging, photography, graphic design (I'm no pro!) and stellar writing - and I don't mean me!
This blog was named after my crazy dogs and I love the name rolling off the tongue - pronounced as "DAWG".

I also love my Grandma! She's 92 this year!
(Edna Violet Bradford passed away on September 6, 2012)

Here's what I love to blog about:

  • My Gorgeous Daughters
  • Homeschooling
  • Family Life
  • Healthy living, gluten and grain free, raw milk
  • Junking and Thrifting
  • Decorating and Remodeling My Home
  • Food and Baking - Recipes
  • Traveling
  • Blog Design
  • Shopping for Clothes (plus size)
  • General Everyday Commentary