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Having just completed 18-20 physical therapy sessions, an MRI (at the cost of $1000 to me), an x-ray (at the cost of $500), and three doctor visits, I'm at the end of my rope. My shoulder is not cured, but has improved about 25%. That is my estimation. I'm a slow learner apparently. My PT says all the other gals with frozen shoulder were in and out with their therapy. My orthopedic specialist now suggests a "mobilization" or "manipulation. He wants to sedate me and move my arm for me. This breaks up all the frozen tissue and takes about 10 minutes. Not sure if insurance covers this of we'll see.  I'm not too excited about having my tissue ripped and separated.
My scapula has started moving more...all of a sudden.  I started a therapy of my own actually. I'm taking Vitamin D, sesame oil, and high dose probiotics. I am also drinking an herbal joint tea you can get at the health food store. I also went to my chiropractor in California (cost of $830 for two treatments and herbal tea) who adjusted me and gave me the news I had parasites in my shoulder and heart.  Everyone has different views on the shoulder issue and it's really starting to piss me off.
I'm also broke! We now don't have the cash to do anything fun this summer. We will probably purchase a pool for the girls and maybe go see our cousins in Texas.  Whoopee right?
So back to the shoulder. I'm sick of it. I am actually feeling better...and I'm sleeping better, but I still wake up three or four times with pain. At night it can get to a 5 or 6 out of 10.
What is a frozen shouldered girl to do?
I Googled it.
Found this video on YouTube.  There's absolutely thousands on watch and beware.
I'll keep you updated on my home alone progress. If I don't start seeing change in four weeks I will consider the manipulation - seriously - ugh.



  1. Hello, Im a female age 44 with frozen shoulder. I would like to know if there is any more information on this condition. I see where they say it hurts but is anyone else having other symptoms. I hurt in my shoulder but also ache all the way down my arm.
    I would also like to know more on the recovery of this condition. What should I expect? I am also thinking about posting videos of my experience and want to know if it sounds like a good idea or something thats over done.

  2. Hi Texas Girl, thanks for your comment. I guess I should give an update!

    Yes, it will ache all the way down your arm. Your neck might hurt too. It seems to throw the other side of your body out of wack too...I think because it's compensating for your painful side.

    Recovery. Yes, there is HOPE!!! After I decided NOT to have the surgery, I was depressed and quite sad about having to deal with the pain. The physical therapy I went through gave me some TOOLS to use in my recovery. I continue to do the stretching exercises. Physical activity is important (even though the pain of it is agony!).

    Some things that have helped me the most are: shoulder exercise in the shower, under hot water. I did the exercise the Englishman in a Youtube video showed me. You lean into the wall and push away using your shoulder/arm muscle. It shouldn't hurt too much. Do this about 5 times and work your way up to 20. This was #1 for me. This was not shown to me at the PT office.

    Secondly, I have been taking extra doses of Vitamin D. I think this is the miracle cure! My symptoms became extreme in midwinter last year and I could barely move. Lack of sunlight and movement make it worse. Do some reading on high dosage Vitamin D. If you are deficient you can take A LOT! I also suggest Calcium/Magnesium. I have considered Glucosamine Condroitin but didn't want to pay the high price. Search for joint relief remedies...there are teas and herbal supplements.

    Thirdly, exercise and sleep. These are hard to get when you're almost passing out from the extreme pain. Once you start getting rid of the pain you can start moving again. None of the painkillers I tried worked, but the Vitamin D did. If you can sit in the sun at least 15 minutes a day, I promise it will lessen the pain.

    I think videos that would help women in recovery get better would be amazing. I've mostly seen videos with men. Some info I got on FROZEN SHOULDER include that this mostly affects white women in their 40s and up.

    NOTE: I would also say that overworking your shoulder (or any joint) is not a good idea. One therapist friend said that the shoulder pain could be an onset of carpal tunnel. Which makes sense.

    I will be posting about my recovery soon!

    1. Thank you. Now I dont feel so crazy about all the pain I feel that runs down my arm that sometimes hurts just as bad as my shoulder.
      I was put on high doses of Vit D3 last year. I woke up one morning thinking I had the flu but to my surprise and after 2 months of tests found out I had a deficiency in Vit D.
      The things I have found so far that help, and I have been dealing with the shoulder for over 6 months, one is like you said hot showers they help alot in the mornings, heating pad helps alittle when it gets real bad, and my magic hands Chiropractor. He is working out the knots that form on and around my neck and between my shoulder blades. I do take pain meds that knock me out so I can sleep which isnt much now a days. I sleep mainly in a recliner with pillows on each side.
      I will be going under the knife January 23. Im trying to be hopeful.
      PS. Over working the joint which I have found includes vacuuming the living room.

    2. Hi. I'm so sorry to hear how bad it is for you. I was way past 6 months of pain before I started getting better. I hope your surgery is a success, but I am intrigued that your chiropractor thinks it's a good idea. My chiropractor said don't do it.

      I don't vacuum anymore, or paint walls, or do anything that is repetitive to the shoulder. It just aches too much afterward. I'm hoping I can dig in my garden this spring! If not, I'll be calling the tilling guy!

      You can also try taking more of the Omega 3's, and coconut oil in the diet is good too.

      Believe me, I remember those sleepless nights and I'm so thankful that I don't have them as often now. The slightest movement in any direction would wake me up in pain. Putting pillows under my armpit to prop the whole arm was the best thing for me.

      Please try the arm exercises I mentioned...they really do help if you can do that shower one. If you can't find it I will try to find a youtube video of it (or make one).

      Good luck, I'll be thinking of you!
      Do you have a blog?

    3. My Chiropractor didnt really get involved with my shoulder pain till after I had already scheduled the surgery. I should have gone to him way before I had gotten to this point! But what is done is done. I havent told you, Im diabetic, so Im having other health issues that are being affected by all the pain and stress. I had a blog that I had set up thru my school but it was only for them. I havent set up one for the public. Do you think I should? I remember how the blog worked for the school but I am not real sure how it would work for the masses. So if you think my ideas on videos and the idea of a blog is a good idea let me know I will work hard to get it up and running before I go for surgery.

  3. Hey. Just to give you an update. I had surgery January 23 and my right arm has done great! It feels great its just sore when i over do it. Now im scheduled for the left i guess it got jealous that the right arm was getting all the attention! :-) Hoping the surgery goes as well on this shoulder. I am looking forward to have no pain.