Homeschool Ideas...getting prepared

Homeschool - yep, that's what we're doing.  And I'm excited! Holland loved preschool and kindergarten, and she's been talking about homeschooling for quite a while now! First grade here we come! (If, somehow, it doesn't work out, she can start public school for 2nd grade just up the street a ways...but I don't think it will come to that unless I have to go to work full time or something.)
Darcy will be going to preschool and kindergarten if we can afford it. She's at an in-between stage where she's probably ready for preschool at age 3, but will start preschool at age 4-almost-5, and go to kindergarten and 5-almost-6. Or if she wants to homeschool for kindergarten we can do that.

We started to remodel our formal dining room in January, and have stalled out on it. We just don't have the energy. A light bulb went on and I got to thinking that maybe that would make a great school room! It can always convert to a dining room if we need it. Plus we already have a breakfast dining area that we always use. So...I think that might just happen!  It's so exciting to think about. And we have all summer to get it finished.

I found a few blogs with great inspiration and thought you might like to have a peek...they have a lot more room than we do, but I also have less children...

August Fields - homeschool room

Life in Grace - school room makeover

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  1. I actually use a portion of my bedroom for our workspace. Doesn't sound ideal, but it actually works very well with just one child. :)