All White Bedrooms

Photo from HGTV
Does anyone out there have an all-white bedroom?  I'm considering this...I mean, I have off white furniture (won't be changing that I don't think), and then white wardrobe and armoire.
The carpet is off white, and I painted the walls a light aqua.  My bedding is black and white toile, but needs to be replaced soon.  Is it too boring to do all white? Here's an article I found on designing white rooms.
I spied some amazing wallpaper at Lowes today with a tan background and toile-ish bird and branches.  I could use that for something.  It was 1/2 off!
 This photo is from the Nate Berkus show,
which I missed...but you should go check out their segment!

I am VERY inspired by the DIY Network show Family Under Construction's design aesthetic. They bought a horrible crack house and gutted it, painted the interior white and very minimal furnishings.  It made me feel like a hoarder to see how little they had displayed.  That's the feeling I want to get in my house.  I searched for photos of the house but couldn't find any online.  You may want to see if you can find the episodes on DIY or hulu.  You will adore the Bryk family...and you'll love their finished product!
I'm seriously heading toward a white on white master bedroom...wish me luck!

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