Technology Time-Keeper Chart - Limiting Time on Electronics for Your Kids

We got the kids their own Kindles when they were $35 each, but we didn't think how much it would cost us in time and aggravation when we didn't want them to be using the devices.

I came up with a quick post-it note chart on the fridge one day, and wrote five minute increments on the notes...then every time they did something worthy of moving up in time, I let them move their magnet marker up one or two spots. The chart only goes up to one hour, because if they go over their hour they seem to get even more bad-tempered than usual.

So I decided a while ago to make one that is printable and I just now remembered to post about it. I hope this chart can help you navigate the murky waters of how much time your kids get to use their devices. If this chart doesn't work for you then improvise and make your own with your own times and totals.

I also use the time boxes to take away time if they do something I deem in the "bad" zone. Like burping at dinner, or taking a toy away from another kid, using a negative tone, not doing what they're asked within a reasonable time frame, etc. With my youngest child, the idea of losing hard-earned minutes was a really big deal!

One thing I've been trying lately is the BONUS system...if they do something amazing, like, above and beyond the call of duty, then I move their marker up without telling them and then they get a surprise! I love free stuff!

Feel free to print this out and place on your refrigerator door...explain how it works to your kid/s and give them a week or two to get used to using it. Pretty soon they will be self-monitoring and asking you how they can earn more minutes!!!

Please share the link to this page, not the actual download...I really appreciate it!

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