Homeschoolers Don't Wear Shoes - Much

As summer is winding down and we are all planning our first days of school with the kiddos the last thing that goes through our minds is shoes. Well, mine anyway. Because I homeschool the two little darlings, the thought didn't cross my mind about the first day of school.
Well, JINX!!!

We go to a co-op twice a week, so we do put clothes on and brush our hair, and we have backpacks! So that's very school-like. However, when 9:30 on the first day rolled around we weren't as prepared as I thought. The girls put on their outfits and brushed their hair and I'm like, "Put on your shoes, let's go"...and guess what? My 11 year old bursts out crying that her shoes don't fit and she hates her feet. Yikes!

We jumped in the car and drove directly to the closest shoe store. We had less than an hour to get to our co-op and eat lunch...we had her feet measured and there was an entire size difference! (Have never seen that before!).

Then my youngest and I treated this shoeless child like a princess and brought her every pair of shoes we could find that would go on her obscure feet. I was aiming for a pair of Converse (because they are so cool), but she said they felt funny and looked like clown shoes, we tried Bobs, ballet slippers, moccasins, sandals, boat shoes and more...the poor kid was teary and finally I found a pair of those tough trail sandals...they fit and they made her bouncy and she smiled...what!!!!? Then it was buy one get one half off so we looked at the clearance section and found some other cool silver metallic tennis shoes and a pair of sky blue Keds. Now she has four pairs of shoes that may or may not fit her for a while, it depends if the small foot catches up with the larger...oi.

Crisis averted we made it to co-op with smiles and Chick Fil A all over our faces. Whew!

This sounds like a commercial doesn't it...but at least last week taught me that if you get ready early enough you can go get new shoes. And being prepared is a good thing even if I tend to want to wear flip flops all year long. I am from California after all, and that's a thing.

To all the mommas out there starting up for the fall, stay calm, smile a lot, bring snacks, and don't forget that being 11 is really hard.

Happy Back To School Everyone!!! What's on your back to school list homeschool mom?

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