What's going on?

It's been a long time eh folks? It don't matter much, 'cause no one reads my blog anyway. It's not that interesting or quirky etc. Plus I don't want to write too indepth stuff because I don't want to cause political/family/world unrest. I may start a private blog that no one knows I'm writing. Sounds cool.
So, I've been sleep deprived again for weeks. We may be coming out of it. I've gotten to the point where I can let her cry and not feel guilty. I feel like I'm at the next level and need to move onto the next thing. Been here, done it! So we'll see what actually happens if anything. I'm debating whether or not to be a WBS leader this fall. I'm also going to be babysitting in the mornings for a friend. Kathryne will hopefully be full time at school and driving herself and going to work, so she'll be well cared for. I also want to get Holland into preschool somewhere. We're kind of late, so it may not happen.
I want so many unattainable things to happen. Like the house to be finished, and Holland to be nice, and to lose weight without trying. Ha ha. I'm not really me in this body anymore. I look at myself in wonderment. Who is that chubby gal? She has no style and no chin! The love for myself is covered in fat. Wherefore are thou?

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