I've been reading Dooce's blog for quite a while now, but it seems like politics does not bring out the best in Democrats. She went on quite a rant that I couldn't even finish reading, talking about how all the problems in the world and America are because of George Bush and the past eight years. Good grief! All this anxiety coming out because of the race for a new president. I guess no one knows that all the "problems" such as no insurance for us poor folks, high gasoline prices, etc., were put in place decades ago by money hungry democrats AND republicans making bad decisions based on greed, and not thinking ahead.
Anyway, I've decided not to have a link to Dooce's blog on my blog anymore. She's got such a potty mouth, and she's a mom. Those two don't mix in my book! This is the last place she'll be mentioned for now. I'll check up on her now and then, for four letter words.

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