Rudy's Captured My Heart

I received a very special rubber bracelet today. I've been wanting one for about three weeks. It's a really cute pale blue and on it in raised letter is "Rudy's captured my heart (heart shape)".
I am honored to be one of the first to receive these. They may become quite popular with famous people...
No, I got the bracelet from Trish when I went to UCLA today, to the Ronald Reagan Medical Center. Wow, what a place. It's very nice and fancy, and clean and light. I got to check out the cafeteria area that was very efficient and looked yummy. But I'd brought us some lunch so we found a little table and a microwave and hid from the crowd of doctors, nurses and personnel and guests etc.
We went up to the NICU and I got to see little Rudy, enthroned in the middle of his little cot with lots of tubes and lines and drips etc. His eyes were open and he got excited when he heard Trish's voice. He is intubated so he can make any noises, but I got the feeling he wanted to holler really loud.
So it was a lovely visit and I didn't really want to leave. It's so hard to see friends going through traumas. But Trish is very brave, or I should say courageous.
We're all praying for the whole family.
Please think of little Rudy and if you'd like a bracelet let me know. He'll capture your heart too.

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