Today our friends Rolf and Trish are at UCLA, their little baby Rudy, born October 1st, is in surgery as I write. He has HLHS or CHD. It means only one side of his heart developed. I've been praying for them for a long time now. Days, weeks, months.
This is Rudy's first surgery of many to come. And it seems so unfair to me, that a little baby has to suffer this way. I just have to pray for him and remember that God is good, no matter what happens.
Rudy's plight seems to hit very close to home for me. My daughters are all healthy, but with Holland I was told she would probably be have Down syndrome and have a heart defect. By my eighth month we found out she was okay, and that Down syndrome seemed unlikely. They were going to have a team available to check her heart anyway.
Miraculously, she was born with everything in the right place. She really is a miracle to me. But we came so close to having to go through what Rolf and Trish are going through right now. We walked the razor's edge, and were given a reprieve.
Not so for the Geylings. They are such a wonderful family, with so much love, and such a great walk with the Lord. I know they are strong people. (Sidenote: Trish's dad also just was diagnosed with a brain tumor and will have surgery tomorrow). If you're reading this, please say a prayer for their family. You can check on them yourself at

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