I Am Not a Snot Sucker! Or a human tissue!

Oh my has this week been full of snot and crying children! Whew! I almost called the pediatrician today to get Darcy in and find out if she has more than a really bad cold. I could hear it going into her chest...ugh! All week we've been looking for the giant green rubber bulb syringe (aspirator) that we got from the hospital, that works really well, much better than those little cheapo ones at Target and CVS etc. Of course, we couldn't find the darn thing, as the kids probably left it outside under a bush or threw it over the fence. So Darce had to wander around the house dripping nasal secretions and whining and crying and being generally disgruntled about it all. And I was (am) so tired of it all. Holland had it, Kat had it, I thought I had it. But poor Darce had it the worst.
As I was saying we were searching for the green snot sucker. I had called friends to see if they had one to no avail, and I sent Doug out to the medical supply and they didn't have one! I was getting pretty mad about not being able to aspirate my child. (I was so tired I didn't even think of sucking the snot out myself with my own mouth...).
Luckily, as fate would have it, Doug was called out to Culver City on a job today and on his way home he stopped at Cal-Oaks Pharmacy and they had an Aspirator (the last one)! It wasn't what I thought I was looking for, it wasn't green, but the nose piece looked right and it's washable. (I even went to Amazon.com today and purchased an item from Japan to suck the snot out through a straw/tube thing for $16.95 - that's how desperate I was, and I'll let you know if it works).
The minute he walked in and I saw the thing I knew it would do the trick so we immediately sat down and did it. Darcy hardly fussed at all and I got the snot out of her nose! It was a doggone miracle! (Doug had also purchased a rectal cleansing bulb thing for enemas, but that's going back to Cal Oaks...nice try).
I also used some saline drops, I think they helped too.
After that things calmed down immensely. Doug and I sat at the table and ate our measly dinner (I am ashamed to say I cooked some chicken tender and baked potato and that's all). Darcy seemed almost instantly happy. She started calming down, she had a bath, she ate some oatmeal and banana and drank some vitamin water. That's pretty neat. I was then able to sneak away and read blogs for a long time and put away all the piled up laundry before she shuffled in to visit me. At about 9 p.m. I was wondering if she was ever going to sleep. She was so happy and pleasant! I snuggled her and held her and she had a little bottle and fell fast asleep - breathing silently through her nose!!!! Now I just pray that she'll get some rest tonight and let us get some too. Poor baby. I hate it when little ones are sick and you don't know what to do for them.
(I have a lot to write about health, doctors, and my history as far as asthma and allergies that I want to share sometime in the future. Lots of whacky stuff!).

I definitely recommend the products I used tonight. Run the humidifier too, that will SO help also! Sleep tight precious Darcy!

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