Alternative Medicines

I've never been skeptical of alternative medicines, I've always at least tried to believe. It's certainly preferable to needles, scalpels, pills, etc and so forth. It's usually cheaper too.
So that said, I have to admit I'm sort of afraid of medical doctors. I don't like the insurance companies, and I don't like paying $100 for a doctor visit that has never helped me anyway.
Can you see which way I'm leaning?
I spent and hour in a alternative doctor's office today with Holland. Holland has severe eczema (skin rashes) on most of her body. She's allergic to many different things. The doctor we went to today clears her allergies while we're there. It's very difficult to explain, so I will post her site and another site that explains the meridian and energies etc. I believe it is a form of applied kinesiology too, just like accupressure. I'm thinking of trying her with an accupuncturist too in the future.
Anyway, Holland had a big response to citric acid today. So giving her all those Cuties and orange juice was adding to the acid in her body. I have to figure out a way to make her less acidic, and change her pH levels. I also have to come up with something to stop her scratching herself up so badly and walking around looking like she's got the plague. Other things she's had a response to: mercury, chlorine, dog and cat dander, hamster, coconut, potatoes, fluoride (big time), and a host of other foods such as strawberries, watermelon, grapes, etc). Now our sweet doctor has "cleared" her of these things and she has been able to eat them again. We usually wait a day or two to let her eat them again. Of course, today I forgot to ask her to check wheat and gluten again. We go back in two weeks and will check then. Holland's been eating very little wheat or gluten, so I don't think it is that. Sugar we'll check again too.
Vitamins she's taking: omega 3 fish oils, probiotic children's chewable, multi vitamin (has citric acid in it so we're on hold with that).
She's just gotten up still itching. It's so damn hard to see her go through all this. She's just a kid and wants to sleep without itching.
I'll finish the vitamin talk later. I'm going to try applied kinesiology on her tomorrow. A doctor from Devon, England sent me the info on how to do it. She's having an allergic response to something around here and I have to find out what it is if she doesn't get better soon. I'll have to take her and get a regular skin allergy test where they prick your skin and wait for a reaction. And then they'll give us steroids or something. Please dear Lord, give us the wisdom to figure this out, and set your healing on her little body, and your angels about her for protection from any further infection.
Now sleep little one. Thanks Benadryl.

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