Forty and Holding

Naomi & Mark and Me & Doug

Not bad for 40

I turned 40 today. I felt it creeping up on me for months. Luckily the pressure is off now and I can breathe...although I'm sad to be officially "old". When I was 18 I thought 30 was old. Of course, I look at age much differently now, and the things I've wanted to accomplish are being rearranged. I have three beautiful children and a loving husband. I don't have a huge home, or lots of money in the bank, we don't have college funds or retirement funds. We do have our health. We're together. I am thankful for those things today. I will miss my youth, and will try to recapture it throughout the rest of my life, such as a canoe trip or two, trying new things, enjoying the here and now. Things can only get better from here...40 is the new 30! Or that's what Oprah says. Thanks Oprah.


  1. happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy birthday girl. I turn 40 in august and i'm not quite sure how i feel about it. i'm hoping i'm not going to feel a day older than 39. for some reason i really like 39.
    hope you have a great night! have a huge piece of cake!!!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday! I have 4 more years until I turn 40 and I'm not really looking forward to it--it sounds so grown up and sometimes I feel more like a kid without a clue:)

  3. I am almost 43. I will be April 8. When I turned 40 I was depressed and hated it,not a very good birthday for me. I am over it and turning 43 will be better! Actually, most of the time I act younger. I do really look forward to my future! thanks