Moving House Update #2

So far it looks like no move. We won't know unless Doug gets offered a job in June in Missouri.
It felt very strange to be in Springfield, looking at it from a homebuyer's point of view. I didn't necessarily like the feeling either. I don't want to live there, but it seems like the best place to raise my new little family, and my husband wants to move from California asap. There are probably some nice opportunities there also. Houses are SO cheap!
I've made an update on a few of the houses listed in update #1. I looked at 15 homes on my trip last weekend. Then on the way to the airport I drove through the University Heights area and found that very nice. Huge park, museum, close to shopping and MSU for Kate. parameters have changed a bit and will have to go back again and keep looking. The Edgewood house is still on the list, it's in a lovely setting. Possibly too small upstairs. I keep thinking, do I really want to raise my kids in the basement? I will list some more houses soon.

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  1. Moving is definitely not something I view as fun. We moved twice in under a year (half our Ohio house to a temporary rental in MD then almost all the rest 9 months later into a more permanent rental.)

    But, I have to say the houses you posted about in Springfield are making me wish we lived somewhere less expensive than Maryland. I still gag at modest homes costing up to $300K locally and wonder how those near D.C. even live as it's more expensive down there.