Out of Sight - Out of My Mind

Hey friendly readers, sorry I haven't written. I've been searching the internet for a house pretty much day and night. Then tomorrow I'm leaving for Springfield, MO to go house hunting, and hopefully see some old friends while I'm there.
I'm taking Darcy and my mom with me. The weather is supposed to be quite good...so we'll see. I'm wondering if this trip will have me asking "why do I want to move here again"? It's all up in the air.
Dreading getting up early of course. I was going to color my hair, but I've decided to wait till I get back. Don't want to rush my first time you know...I've only ever highlighted my hair myself, never a total color and gray covering. I am getting gray hair too! Oh, and did I forget to mention that I'm turning 40 next week? Exciting stuff! NOT!
Anyway, I'll be away till next Wednesday, as I've pretty much decided not to drag my laptop and a small child onto the airplane. I'll be lucky if I remember the portable DVD player. Ha ha.
I sure miss this blog land. It's so pleasant. We'll catch up very soon, I promise.

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