Entertainment or Storage?

I just bought a copy of Country Living Magazine for $3.99 at Target. I realized that I've purchased this magazine every month since January. Which isn't very smart, considering the subscription price is $12 a year. I decided, since my life is not full of entertainment at all, that I would subscribe to CLM this year, because it's what I enjoy. I enjoy browsing and seeing what people are up to.
So I wanted to let you know if you go online to orders.countryliving.com and subscribe online, then click bill me later, and then pay online, you'll get two extra issues and an offer for House Beautiful Magazine for $5 a year! Now that's a bargain and a half!!!!
Another magazine I picked up last month is Fresh Home at $4.99 a copy, but is only $10 if you get a charter subscription. FH is a new magazine that is fairly good, it's tagline is "Easy ideas for hands-on people", so I suggest giving it a perusal. I'm going to go to their website and subscribe too.
I've also been considering signing up for an online magazine subscription to Matthew Mead's matthewmeadstyle.com for $17.99, but haven't decided if it's worth it yet or if he's just a Martha Stewart rip off. Does anyone have any info about this webzine? Love to know what you think.
Of course, I've been a subscriber to Martha Stewart for several years and I'm collecting her old editions that I find at thrift stores. Hers is the one magazine I don't want to rip up like I do the others. I've been going through all my old Coastal Livings and tearing out what I want to keep. It's all about storage in the end. Well, storage and entertainment.

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  1. i keep all my mags in a cedar chest....i go through them occasionally and rip out what i like and throw the rest away. it never fails that i throw away some picture that i later regret!!!
    have a great day...thanks for stopping by!