Happy 18 Month UnBirthday Darcy

98 degrees - oh my!

Darcy soaking up the sun!

I found these on Pottery Barn Kids and I am going to make
my own version out of felt! Cheaper too.

My sweet baby girl Darcy Rose hit the 18 month mark yesterday. She is growing up so quickly, I wish I could hold onto her baby time for just a little bit longer. Darcy is amazing, she can do so many things that I forgot little ones can do. She can climb up a slide and go down a slide by herself. She jumps up in the air (we call it hopping). She can feed herself with a fork or spoon. She takes her diaper off. She calls for her daddy in the middle of the night. Her language is growing daily. Last night she said "none, daddy" when she couldn't see him around. Of course, she's not sleeping through the night. She's gotten up at least 3-4 times a night since the ER adventure and being sick. We're going to start being tough when she moves into her own room in May, we have to, because we're not getting any sleep and we don't get naps. Hugs and kisses to my sweetie!

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