Hughes Estate Sales - Honey, I'm not buying anything! NOT!

Great lamp for my bedside table...

Cute little floor lamp for $12!

Large seascape I bought for my mom...$20!
(there's some damage on the left you probably can't see)

Got this beauty for Naomi's collection, beautiful frame too - $50!

Ha ha! I promised myself I wasn't going to purchase any more items, my house is full! But I lied to myself. Here are my latest purchases! I saw a few of my "friends" too, hi everyone! PLEASE don't go there and buy all my treasures up! I mean it! Go to Hughes Estate Sales to find out when their next sale will be.


  1. Hi Sarah! Thanks for stopping by my blog (various and sunday). yes, i love the name but originally i wanted 'various and sundry' but it was taken, so i came up with sunday and you know what? i like it better now! hey, you mentioned info about estate sales to find out when the next one is. am i at the right place? Hughes Estate sales? going to check it out. thanks again! bye for now!

  2. hi sarah! i thought i just posted a comment, but it *poof* disappeared. thanks for visiting me at various and sunday - yes, i love the name, too! so, is Hughes Estate Sales the place to go to find sales? i'm thinking you're a tad north for me. i'm in San diego...SoCal girl. But, i'm wondering if they do sales in other parts of Cali. Hm? have a great day! and thanks for stopping by my blog and comments. oh, how i love comments. :o)