Inspirational Friday - Run, don't walk away from sugar!

I just received a book in the mail. It's a recipe book. Now, you know I love to cook, and I love making sugarless yummies for my girls to eat. Remember the squash-applesauce cake I made for Holland's birthday? Well, now I've got ahold of a tremendous little cookbook that will change your way of thinking forever. I've known that processed, white, enriched, pre-packaged foods are bad for you, I've just been pretending that I'm healthy. Well, I'm not. I'm overweight, I'm moody, I'm putting myself in an early grave by NOT doing these things that are so simple.
So friends, I'm going to do it. I'm going to start from scratch and not eat refined foods anymore. Neither is my family. They're not going to know it of course. The only thing I don't think I can give up is coffee. Oh no. Well, I do drink organic coffee, so that's good, right?
I'm also going to go purchase some new walking shoes (can't walk in flipflops right?) and get up and go walking at my local Descanso Gardens in the morning. It's going to be amazing people!
And I'm starting tomorrow morning! Gotta go shopping...
Please check out the recipe won't be disappointed! I will continue to share my recipes for sugar less living too.
The site to find the cookbook is called or Both are based in Arizona, so if you live there you can find the cookbook at local health stores. Otherwise you gotta pay shipping and handling....oh well!
Let's get busy ladies! Have a blessed and happy weekend with your loved ones and stay away from sugar!!!
Just found a great place to find out about pesticides too...check out EWG FoodNews. EWG also has a great article on infant formula and great comments from readers.
Here's also a nice blog on organic and green living by a mom with two kids. Organic and Green Mom Blog.

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