Inspirational Fridays

Not many PEOPLE inspire me these days...remember the lovely Princess Diana, she inspired me, and Mother Teresa, and when I see amazing people doing amazing things (like doctors and social workers etc.)
But I do have an exceptional person in my life, and that's my hardworking husband, Doug. I have known him since I was about 14, and he's always been an enigma to me. He insists that there is nothing deep about him, or that he isn't really thinking anything. I am sure that cannot be true. (Right honey?)

Some great things about Doug: he loves my cooking, plays with his kids, goes to the grocery store for me, goes to the bank and post office, does dishes, cleans the potty, builds things for me, makes great cocktails, has great patience with crazy children, allows us all to be who we are, he's a conservative, and is deeply committed to our family and the Lord.
Wanna hear some not so great things...ha ha. Basic stuff: snoring, chews his finger when he's thinking, doesn't like yard work, and is a homebody. Not bad, eh, ladies?
It has been a difficult few months (maybe even years) for us. I know how men identify themselves with their work...and when they lose that and have to rebuild, it's a bit tough on the old ego. Hubs handled it very well I thought. He immediately started working more freelance and temp work. It's been over a year since we've had health care though, and that worries me a lot. Times must be getting tougher because we don't have that extra cash for fun stuff like trips or clothes. (I do love thrift stores though).
Doug is inspiring me because he is working so hard on this latest project, so we can get paid soon, burning the candle at both ends, hopefully not burning himself out. He doesn't get as much time to spend with the girls or me, but there is an end in sight. Don't forget that honey! Thank you for working so hard for your family...I know there are other husbands out there in the same position, but you're on the frontline here and I can see what you're doing every single day. He never negates my hopes or comments negatively on what I am doing...I appreciate that and I hope I return the favor.
Luckily we do have a plan to get ourselves in a better financial place, although that means moving to another state (where I don't really want to go), and he would be working from a 8-5 office. We've kind of been taking the working from home thing for granted...being around the girls all day, being available to run errands if necessary, and saving a lot on gas money!
I know our future will be's just hard to do when you leave each day one day at a time. I encourage everyone to take a closer look at your spouse and really see what they are going through, and use kindness and respect as your foundation for communicating. It ain't easy! Believe me! If you look really close, you might Be Inspired too!


  1. good luck to you both:) HUGS

  2. You two make a stunning couple! He does the dishes, cleans the bathroom AND makes a good cocktail! Honey- You def. got one of the good ones! HOOT!