What do you think?

I'm thinking of changing my blog name and wondered what you might think of that?
Different Dog rolls off the tongue well, but it doesn't make one think of pretty things does it?
Any ideas? Would love to hear some suggestions.
I am thinking of A Different Cottage (more like a different dog house - ha ha!) or Different Blog. I would still keep the same URL, just the name on the banner would be different.

Happy Sunday!


  1. I think changing your blog name sounds like fun but I have to tell you the reason I found you is because of the "dog" name. I love dogs and your title sounded so different and unique I just had to take a look...and I liked what I saw. However, changing a blog name, as I said, I find to always be fun. Good luck! (You see, I'm no help at all!)

  2. Oh, I just had to come back because I thought of a sweet name for you: Dogwood Cottage! Like it? I love it!

  3. How about Different Dog Design Blog? Or Different Dog Decor Blog? Something that allows you to keep the "different dog" (which I love!) but adds a bit more detail about what you do. Do what makes you happy and we'll love it, too!!

  4. Oh I think thats a fun idea. You know what? Throw it out to your readers and have everyone think of names and choose your fave :>

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  5. Still trying to make it around to all the Studio's from the party. I left a comment on yours. : )

  6. Well, you know I'm kind of partial to the 'dog' part in the title:) I like the suggestion of dogwood cottage!