Beat the Heat?

Wish I had a swimming pool...

There are so many reasons I love California, but there are many reasons that I don't love it. I will not go into detail, of course, if you're reading this you probably know many of the downfalls of living in such a populous state, near Mexico, bankruptcy, wildfires, etc.
This morning I am staying indoors to avoid the terrible smokey air and the heat. It's supposed to be 108 degrees today. That's hotter than I remember it ever being. We're heading down to Laguna Beach in a little bit to have something to do and possibly stay a bit cooler, although it's going to be hot there too. We'll battle the traffic and people and pay an exhorbitant amount for parking.
But that is okay because Laguna is my favorite beach in the whole U. S. of A. Hopefully that will all work out.
Ooh, I found some great little blogs about Pasadena and Altadena today. It will give me a way to keep in touch with things around here after I move away. I'll start a little blog roll in the sidebar if you want to read up on the area too.
Hubs and Holland are in Missouri today. Doug decided to go out and take Holland to see Grandma for a few days and he's looking around. He wanted to go and see the fixer upper before it got sold (it went down in price by the way) and take some pics on what needs to be done, so if it's no good we don't have to think about it anymore. I'll update you on what he finds out.
Okay...stay cool friends.

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