The Great Housecapade!

Right now I am feeling a bit low about our house purchase. We had it inspected and they found some foundation damage and suggested the roof, a/c and furnace be replace in the next five years.
I'm bummed because we did pay full asking price for the home and now will have to put in $10-20,000 in the next five years??? Not quite a bargain I'd say. I guess you could say I am not attached to the home because I haven't walked through it. From the pictures I see a lot of work that needs to be done to fix it up to modern standards. So am I wrong in thinking this house is not a good idea?
A structural engineer will be giving us an estimate on fixing the foundation problems, which we will pass on to the seller. I am hoping they will say, no we won't fix anything, you can get out if you want to. We have that contingency. Doug will also talk to our lender and see what they have to say about it all. They can pull the plug on it too.
I'm actually feeling quite good physically today. I slept better last night. Charles reminded me how important my thyroid is to my overall health, and how I need to stay away from sugar. My thyroid not working properly makes my adrenals low which causes me to crave sugar. Which in turn could cause other problems, like feeding my fungus etc. Some other changes I've made healthwise: I changed handsoaps and dish soap, so my fingers are clearing up dramatically. Because my adrenals are working a little better my fingernails are growing beautifully, and there are no ridges or spots on them. They are strong too! (first time in my life!).
I've started a good calcium/magnesium supplement that was rather pricey ($25), but had no sweeteners or other ingredients. I'm also drinking whole organic milk and taking a B vitamin supplement. Charles gave me some adrenal tea this week, so I should feel amazing this week! I will definitely need that, considering the house problems.
So getting my thyroid working properly will help me sleep, which will help my adrenals work well, and everything else too. Avoiding sugar will help me lose weight too. So weight loss looks like it's in the near future! I feel thinner already!
I will keep you updated on the quote for foundation work and how I'm feeling! Hope you all have a lovely week and a great holiday today.


  1. This is a beautiful house...hope it all works out for you:)

  2. It is a lovely house - lots of potential there. In my state law requires an inspection prior to purchase. I hadn't realized until a few years ago that that isn't the case everywhere.

    Good luck with everything!