Road trip already?

Guess where I'll be November 30th? Kansas City!!! We decided to buy tickets to the Swell Season (they will be in L.A. at the Wiltern on Nov. 18th, if you can go)! The Swell Season is the name of the "group" made up of Glen and Marketa and their band members. You might remember them from the film "Once", which was amazing, once you got past the first minute where the word F--- is used about 100 times! Why do they always have to put that in??? Blows my mind. Anyway, if you can stand that, you will get into this beautiful story with beautiful music. It's all about the music really.
Hubs and I went to see the Swell Season at the Greek Theater last October, and it was about the best thing I've ever seen or heard! (Love the Greek btw). So that's why we've decided to drive three hours from our new home to go there, and then drive three hours back. And it's on a Monday night! Maybe Doug can take a half day!

Also, check out my new slideshow button! I will be updating the pictures frequently. I used which is actually pretty easy and has lots of features if you pay $4.95 for premium.
I pasted the embedding code into a new post and saved it at the beginning of my blog (just change the date under Post Options (small blue link under post tab). Then you copy the link from just that post and attach it to your button. That way if you don't want a bunch of photos crowding your front pages there will still be photos to look at in a pretty way. Hope that is easy to understand. Have fun!

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  1. I saw The Swell Season! They were amazing!!!! So glad you get to go again. (Can we come...hehe)