I'm still here...barely

Hello my friends! Just wanted to let you know that we are safe and sound in Missouri now, after a slightly turbulent departure (more later) and lots of unpacking.
I am still slightly in shock that I am in the midwest, considering I always promised myself I would never move back there (here). I'm sure this will be discussed in future posts when I have learned to type again.
A few reasons I haven't been blogging: we don't have internet service yet (don't ask cuz I'm kind of mad about it), I haven't had much time to blog, and Thanksgiving is coming up so I'm freaking out because we have about 12 people coming to our house and we have 5 chairs. Left the rest in California!!! There are patio chairs, but they are large and might scratch the new wood floors. Also I have to cook a turkey in a tiny oven...
Some good news items: purchased a new washer and dryer that were installed Thursday night by Lowes, I also purchased a new dishwasher because the other one is unreliable (will be installed the day before Thanksgiving cuz I'm not washing all those plates), we bought a used mini van Town and Country for a song (it doesn't have a working a/c but we're going to fix that in the spring), did I mention I love my washer and dryer and that is plays a song when the dryer is done? I'm having fun figuring out where all the furniture will go and planning all the fun things I want to do accomplish here. Like, I can't wait for my 1/2 a craft room to be ready. The other half will be my husband's desk, but he's not here 45 hours a week, so it's mostly mine.
The girls love the big house, they love the floors, they dance and slide and sing. We all love the big back yard and the lovely fire place. It's very homey here.
We've met some sweet neighbors, very friendly etc., old friends have stopped by and one brought us a homemade gluten-free lasagna that was amazing, it's very quiet around here during the week. Today has been the noisiest so far, with leaf blowers and mowers and some honking horns.
Some not so nice stuff: have not been able to get phone service yet (and no dsl obviously!), Holland's rash is terrible, Darcy and my mom got colds, our TV is on the fritz, and we're spending money like it's not even there (which it isn't!). the weather has been a bit cold and gloomy and we've only seen the sun once since we've been here! I miss my garden and all my rose bushes and growing things.
All in all I am excited about this new era, I miss my girl in California, she'll be here for Thanksgiving, and I look forward to getting things done around here. I will try to update when I can...I may have to sneak out to Panera Bread or Starbucks to make a posting. Miss you all and hope to be back on the wagon soon!

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  1. welcome to missouri! i was born and raised in so. cal, and moved to missouri (springfield area) as a teenager...(i wasn't very happy about it)! :) now i love raising my children here, but my hubby makes sure that we go back to so. cal every year or so to visit family and get my beach "fix" or else i get grumpy... :)