Moving Day Countdown

Have you ever heard the phrase about getting worse before it gets better? Well, that my life right now. It's been getting worse every day! I'm in the throes of house is the ultimate mess, I'm caring for my two little girls pretty much on my own, have not had more than an hour of sleep in a row for over a week, and I think I'm starting to get hysterical.
Today is the last day to get everything packed because tomorrow our truck is coming. Two hired movers are supposed to come and pack up the truck...but I'm worried about that and if everything is going to fit! If it doesn't they just charge us more...I guess it's not something to worry about that much.
This is the plan: get everything boxed up except for what we're packing in suitcases to fly with us, the truck will come and get packed Tuesday, we'll sleep on blowup mattresses and borrowed bedding (I'm hooking up a little 13 inch tv so the girls can watch Nick Jr.), then Wednesday they'll come and take the truck and it'll be on its way (should arrive in about a week at its destination), we'll stay in the house and do normal stuff until Sunday when we fly out at 4 a.m. (Another night of zero sleep).
So that's the plan in somewhat of a nutshell. I'm mostly dreading today...
Thursday the girls and I are driving to Camarillo to meet Trish and Rudy for a visit. We'll also go to the Crocs store and get them a new pair each. I have Friday and Saturday open maybe the beach or our favorite park and hanging with friends.
It's going to be a rough week...

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