Finally a little peek at our new life...

Missed you all!
I found these white porcelain birds for very little and they dress up my plain wreath quite nicely, don't you think?

The Holidays are upon us!

I inherited this lovely chandelier when we bought the house.

You can see the girls are definitely making themselves at home, doing head stands and messing up my room!

I bought all the miscellaneous pieces to make this lamp work, and I think the shades are pretty neat, except I don't think the tassles will be staying...

Below is a new(to me)table I purchased at my first flea market foray...topped by a cute pine tree from Sam's Club.

I forgot I had these sweet birds in a nest...

This is the corner of my "sitting room" (used to be the dining room). I am using it as a makeshift computer desk until I get the craft/office room set up in the near future. The girls are practicing the splits!

This is a great deal...I found this chandelier at the same flea market for $20! Brand new from Lowes it is $100. I am trying to decide if I like the little round shade better than those giant glass tulips. What do you think?

The wreath below is a Thomas Kincade that we found in the attic and it works and everything!

I'm getting back into blogging so don't forget to check back soon. I'm going to start a little series about food allergies as we are now meat eating vegans. Does that make sense?
Chat with you soon!
PS. Do you see all the wallpaper, paneling and scary wood trim I have to deal with?
These will be my new projects this year...exciting stuff huh? Uh, no.


  1. Looks like you guys are right at home! That chandelier is gorgeous and on the other light, I say go for the little shades. Super cute!!!

  2. I like the tulips all the way... but the tassels MUST go!

    Looks like you are getting settled in slowly but surely.

  3. Hello, meat eating vegans! I like the round shades on the chandelier, but that is modern me. The tulips might match your abode better. And bye bye tassels. So fun seeing a peek into your life!

  4. Your Christmas decor looks great. I vote for the round shades on the chandelier!