Gone but not forgotten

When I went to Descanso I looked for this marker. Faith's marker. She was one of my roommates when I lived on Ohio Street. Actually she was my first roommate there. I can't remember all the details of how it came about, but she worked at the Auditorium where I worked, etc. and so forth. She was two years older than me I think. Kathryne loved her. She was a traveler and had been to many faraway countries.
Then she had a tumor in her stomach which was removed. After that they found a baseball sized brain tumor. Her mom came out and stayed with us while Faith was in hospice and we got to know eachother really well. Faith died when she was 29. Hers was the first real memorial service I had ever been too and I bawled the entire time.
This engraved marker is a good way to be remembered. I think it's something I'd like one day. Especially in such a beautiful place where people go to see nature, and children run around and things are happening. I'll have to remember that.
I still have the mug her mother (Mrs. Nie, we called her) gave me and a few other things. She's been gone for 14 years now, which is incredibly hard to believe. Gone but not forgotten.


  1. How beautiful that you still remember. I love the marker and how life is "lived" around it, like you described. Thank you for sharing this private moment with us.
    God Bless,

  2. it's wonderful that people beyond her family remember her. it's one of the best ways to honor and love her.