It's a better place to visit

Exploring the beach after the storm

No TV, no internet, no nothing. Just good clean fun like the olden days!

Gotta love the seagulls man!

My lovely daughter!

The front of our cottage - Longboard!

So I've been back in Los Angeles, and go back to Missouri in two days. My daughter and I got to spend three days at Crystal Cove and endure some of the storms that have been tearing through So Cal this week. It was relaxing at the cottage, sipping tea, playing Scrabble, eating anything we wanted to. And no small children yelling or crying or pooping. It was just like the old days!

Also getting to spend QUALITY time with friends! No interruptions, no having to get home because the girls need me. It has been great. I had forgotten what it was like to be a normal person.

And I have definitely enjoyed this rainy, clean-air type weather. People are staying in more so it's not so busy out there. I realize that this is a wonderful place to visit, but definitely not a wonderful place to live and work and raise kids. What can I say? I will be visiting again VERY soon!

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