My craft desk..just need to add shelving, paint, a stool, window treatment,
lighting, and additional storage underneath...(whew)

I've been working on a list a resolutions...they are things I've been wanting to do and have been putting off for a while. They may not necessarily get done soon, but I will work on them this year. What are you resolute about today?

1. Get sewing machine repaired and cleaned so I can sew (remember Holland threw up on it?)

2. Keep my bed made (almost) every day.

3. Exercise to my T-Tapp dvd I bought a few months ago.

4. Go to a unique/new place once a week with the girls.

5. Travel, travel, travel

6. Create a craft area to use and enjoy.

7. Stop yelling at the girls.

8. Paint the inside of this house.

9. Buy only things that I will use.

10. Get rid of things I don't use (sell them?)

11. Enjoy life.

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  1. If I could only make the bed daily, I think my husband would think it was a successful year!! (he gets up before me or I'd have him make it:))