Food Days 2 and 3

Two days of food here:

Breakfast:  Coffee (of course), 2 wheat free waffles with a mixture of goat milk yogurt, frozen peaches and coconut milk blended together on top, and one strip of turkey bacon.

Lunch:  Rice noodles, turkey, zucchini, sauteed.

Snack: (I ate really early so I had to eat something!) Bowl of puffed rice cereal w/ coconut milk.  I think I'll use rice milk next time because I only like the coconut in drinks).

Second cup of coffee with a friend.

Dinner:  Large salad of organic greens, tomato, cucumber, green onion, almonds, cold sliced lamb, leftover rice noodles. Balsamic vinagrette.

Snack:  (Very naughty but I was having withdrawals) 2 rice cakes with banana sliced on top and a thin scrape of Nutella.  Don't hate me!

Drank a whole bottle of water after this!

Breakfast:  Coffee.  Sauteed zucchini, turkey bacon, with grilled tomatoes, clove of garlic, and a red and yellow sweet pepper.  This was amazing by the way!!!!  Almost like an omelette without the egg!

So, I just wrote this out...things I'm thinking and doing to go with this:

Reading a book by Marilu Henner again for inspiration.   I have also been going through all my healthy cookbooks looking for recipes within my food limits.  This is really fun, I'm going to photocopy them all and keep them together so I don't have to hunt through each book.
Here's a list of my helpful books: (will add later)

To keep my mind off food I'm trying some new paint colors, cleaning out drawers and throwing out unnecessary papers, recharging my camera batteries, and putting away laundry.

Changes I've noticed, which I could probably notice more if I got some sleep (which I didn't last night because I had Holland in bed with me and she didn't calm down till about 4 a.m.):
  • My eye puffiness is going down and the dry skin around my eyes is lessening.  
  • I don't feel bloated and puffy, so that makes me feel thinner.
  • I can get my wedding ring off for real.
 The rash on my hands and legs got itchy the first day, but has now died down.  The skin is still dry, but doesn't seem to be flaring at all.  I'm hoping the patches will disappear.

I will continue this post later when I have lunch and dinner taken care of.  When the batteries are charged I can start showing you how amazing all this food looks like!

Okay, lunch:  wheat free waffle with peanut butter and sliced apple and tea.

Snack:  bowl of rice puffs with rice milk (pretty good!)

Dinner:  homemade pizza with rice cheese, lamb, zucchini, tomato and basil topping, 1/2 a sweet potato and a HUGE salad!!!  Delicious!  (I used this mix called Chebe for the crust, and it is made from tapioca).

Snack:  rice cake w/ peanut butter and herb tea on the side!

You have to realize also that drinking herbal tea goes against my nature.  I am hoping it will help me sleep better to cut out tea after 6p.m.  I usually have a cup after it's sleepy tea!!!

I'm feeling pretty full, so I should sleep well.  I hope the kids do the same. 
I also just watched House Hunters International and I got to see a family buy a home on an island in the Bahamas.  I am VERY jealous.  That's all I want to do is live in a cottage on an island by the beach and my kids can enjoy a real outdoorsy life.  That's all I've ever wanted for them.  They spent ALL day outside today in the sunshine, and it was only 60 degrees.  They would not come in.  (I didn't go outside, as I did not get dressed today...).
Anyway, I am still hopeful one day we will make it that island in my dreams.  It would really be amazing.  My brain is going to think on this tonight, I can tell.  G'night!

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