It's starting to look like spring out there

I'm a terrible blogger right now.  I'm sorry.  I've been sick for, like, EVER!!!  But it looks like spring might be around the corner and it's making me a bit happier.  I don't want to blog when I'm gloomy, because I sure don't want to share it with you.  We've been having a blast watching all the cute birds out our windows the past few days.  I'll try to snag some photos of them at some point.

There's a bit been happening on the health front lately, nothing serious, but there is movement.  I could be on the road to complete health makeover!!!  Woohooo!!!  I will comment more when I start the journey....

Also, have another Cali trip planned, leaving next week the 11th for a week.  Going on the Women's Retreat with CA WBS.  That is cool!  I will also get in a couple of shopping trips at Trader Joe's, Ikea, and hit Descanso again.  I see a bit of a trend there.  I'll also be visiting with my lovely daughter and mother, my BFF Naomi, my new BP Lyndsay, and maybe hanging with some old friends I haven't seen in 4EVER!

Haven't done much on the house decorating front.  Been too sick.  But have tons of plans formulated to bring this place into the present!!!  Yessirreee!  Mostly focusing on letting lots more light in, adding those decadent French doors and finishing painting the paneling.  It's all up here in my brain, now have to translate that to the real world.

I'm also starting a blog project for a new friend in Ohio, called The Cowboy Greg Foundation.  It's super cool and it's all about decorating rooms for kids with life threatening health issues.  I will let you know more when I know more!

Here's my girls last night after story time.  Hams!!!
Okay friends, talk at you soon.  Must try to catch up on the last four years of lost sleep.  I love ya!

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