It's sunny here

Hey friends!
I'm in sunny Los Angeles for the week.  I went to a great women's retreat with my church (Christian Assembly in Eagle Rock - I miss you so much!) up in the mountains at Lake Arrrowhead this weekend.  I just got back to my daughter's little apartment and I realize how much I miss California, and how much I appreciate it now.  Yes, there are things we all hate about it, which I won't mention, but there are great things too.  The beauty that is here is incredible, you have to step away from the machine that is "L.A." and look beyond that.  The sky, the clouds, the trees and flowers, the mountains in the distance, the birds in the trees, the parks, and the perfect weather...the mountains were so awesome, the clear air, oh how breathed that in and deeply too!  Looking down from the top of the mountains you could see the cities spread out like dominoes...ready to be knocked down!  It is hard to be back in reality, but I have a few more days here to enjoy with my girl and my mom and friends.  I'm so glad I get to visit here, when I go home I will appreciate it so much more also (I hope). 
Oh, and it is my birthday tomorrow.  Y-A-Y.
I want to post pictures, but not sure how to do that without MY computer. 
Pictures are worth a thousand + words!
While I'm here I'm going to the movies quite a bit too.  That is fun!
Toodles friends!

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