Easter 2010

Holland picked out her cherry dress...

Darcy got a gray and pink (almost island print) dress.

Today was a warm and blustery day...I woke up with a cold so couldn't go to church (of course!).
But I was able to get some eggs stuffed for the girls and I decorated beach buckets for them to use as easter baskets. (I wasn't about to spend 8-10 dollars per basket). These have those rub-on stickers on the front. Very super cute. And because I am trying to eliminate sugar I stuffed the eggs with bunny tails (pompoms), quarters, stickers, sparklys, pretzel fish crackers, mini pencils, googly eyes and play dough. They found all the eggs and then hid them again so they could search again. It was very cute.
We then had fruit salad and ice cream and they played with the little toys I put in their buckets earlier. Wind up rabbits, books, coloring books, and crayons. It was fun.
Now we're exhausted.
The wind has stirred up a lot of pollen so Doug is feeling ill too. Poor thing. I wish I could sleep on the couch with the girls screaming and banging pots and pans like he does.
Oh well. Another day is almost done and a new week to make it through.
Hope you all had a blessed and transforming Easter!

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  1. I love their dresses! Hope you feel better soon!