I adore Jamie Oliver and I signed the petition

If you haven't heard, Americans are eating badly...and it's starting at home and in our schools.  I already knew this.  I've been through school, and my daughter went to school, and I have two more that will probably do the same (unless I home school).  I watched Jamie Oliver's new show on ABC on Friday nights.  You have to watch it!  It will freak you out.  Kids did not know what vegetables were and there are giant caskets for the obese when they die.  It was eye opening.  And I think it's great that he wants to help America.  We can't seem to help ourselves.  I also saw him on Oprah and he is so sweet.  It can't be an act.  And I love his lisp.  I'm going to make it a priority to purchase a few more of his cookbooks.
I'm so happy my family and I have always eaten differently from the norm around us.  I'm proud to cook everything from scratch and not eat fast food EVER.  I also plan on growing a garden this year and buying from the farmer's market.  Oh, and there's a little herb garden growing on my front porch.  Looking forward to that basil, sage and cilantro!  LOVE SPRING!!!
So try to catch his show and join in the fight for our health.

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