Kitchen Cabinet Makeover at Different Dog

There probably won't be any white paint brush-over work on the end product.
Also looking for the perfect door and drawer pulls. These are too dull for me (just got one from Lowes to try out - boring!)

The finish is in fact more subdued as I don't have any direct light in my kitchen (ie. no windows!)

Perfect paint - $14 for this quart. Getting a gallon next time!

Veranda Blue

I had some extra cabinet doors from the mini remodel so I decided to try my hand at painting them. I love white everywhere, but this house doesn't seem to do white very well. So I had some paint left over from the front door. After sanding the door a bit, wiping it down I then brushed some of the paint on lightly, it went a little more aqua. (This is probably because of the crazy yellow tinged stain dripping from everywhere in this house!)
Aqua is the theme here so far. Aqua and brown. After I painted a bit on the cabinet I rubbed it off quickly with a paper towel. It left a very smooth surface and no brush strokes. I don't want the cabinets to look like I brushed them at all. I think it looks a bit like a "wash" or stain on the wood now. I definitely suggest using a paint/primer all in one type paint. And this one is a semi gloss. I could have gone a bit shinier, but don't want to look common.
What do you think of the blue? It's less intense than it looks in the photos.

You can see my current kitchen here.

So now I have to decide what to do. I think I'll try all white on another door and see what the finish is. I'm planning on taking some of the doors off too (for good), removing the low hanging vent hood and replacing it with something cool and then when we have the bucks I plan on a white marble type counter top and backsplash. I think they will look great in this house. Sort of farm housey but chic.

Also I am having a Giveaway this week, so check back soon!

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