Homeward Bound

I've been out of town for a whole week now...have you missed me?
I've driven 12 hours to go to a family reunion, then five more hours to go hang out on the beach in Florida. It's been interesting with the girls...they are so not into sitting in carseats for long periods of time. But there's nothing else I can do.
I'm heading to Walmart shortly to purchase more snacks, pens and paper and movies for the drive home tomorrow. We're going to stop in Memphis for the night...I keep thinking I should drive by Graceland...but I don't know. Is it really worth it? We really just want to get to the hotel and jump in the pool.*

Holland's skin flared up pretty badly at the reunion, but it's looking good again with all the swimming and sun and good diet. I let her have two bites of pizza today, so we'll see if anything comes of that. I'm going to look up Nioxin and see if I can order it online...it seems to sooth her skin. It's a conditioner that the gal who cut my hair let us try.

Anyway, Destin, Florida is lovely. It's very near the oil spill in the Gulf. Rumor has it that this could all be destroyed at any time if they don't cap that spill soon. That would be amazing wouldn't it. I'll try to take more pictures...the beach is powdery white. My girls like the pools here better than the beach...Darcy won't go in the water of the ocean...too scary I guess.

So, I'm off to the carwash and stop at The Children's Place Outlet to snag some more bargains. I also have a coupon!!! Wahooooo!

Tomorrow we will start out 14 hour journey homeward...wish me luck!
*More on traveling with kids in my next few posts.


  1. Fun! The beach/pool part. Good luck with the drive home! I'll be thinking happy, successful thoughts for you all. :)

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  3. Glad you turned the comments on! Just to say hello, I will catch up with your posts another day!
    Good luck with the journey back home! Can't wait to see more pictures of your beautiful trip.