Catching up time.

I'm planning a tea will be on the's going to be interesting considering I am supposed to avoid wheat, gluten, dairy, and sugar. Isn't that was a scone is made from? Oh boy.
Also found out Holland is allergic to RICE. Okay.
That is what she has been living on for the past six months...since she's had such bad skin allergies, we thought it was just wheat and gluten. Now it includes Rice and Oats. Still includes Yeast and Gluten. Oh and she's sensitive to VANILLA.
I use vanilla all the time as I love it so much.
I'm going to have to research some more alternatives. We're going to ZERO grains for a week or two and then try her on millet.
She might be allergic to hotdogs because I just let her have one (with avocado, and some other stuff) and she got hives on her face. It's so much fun here...
I also let her have raisins in the maybe that is what caused it. I don't think they were organic.

In other news...on Sunday morning around 6 a.m. I rescued a little red dog that was hiding under my car. Thankfully it's owners were driving around looking. They had just adopted him from the pound...he is really skinny and won't eat. He ate a whole bunch for me of course...rice and vegetables.
The mom brought me two big geranium hanging baskets later that day. I just did what I hope someone would do for me. That's all.

I also took the girls to their first clogging class last night. We met several interesting people. I think we'll keep doing it as long as we can afford it.

My mom is in town and we are planning on painting my kitchen cabinets before the tea party so we can show off our handywork. Let's hope it turns out okay. There's a post back here somewhere with a picture of what I want to do.

More soon. Oh, and I'm planning on doing a Giveaway for the Blog Guidebook. It's going to be something super cool (I think so anyway). Check back next week for sure.


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  2. I have a friend at work with ciliac and she told me that the way vanilla is fermented there is wheat in it. She recommends McCormick's imitation vanilla. Also, Betty Crocker has some great gluten free baked mix options.