A Few of My Favorite Things - for SKIN

As an allergy sufferer I am always searching for something to cure the latest puffy eyelid or to slow down the spreading of a food allergy rash. I've found several products that really work great for me, and I want to share them with you. They are available over the counter, at Target or Amazon. I buy most of my stash on Amazon, as I hate going shopping for things like this. I prefer to shop for home decor or toys. (I'm not kidding).

Do you have any secret skin products that really work? I'd love to hear yours.

#1 California Baby's Calendula Cream - the best place to get this is Target ($11.99).
It is a bit pricey, but it really works and you only need a tiny bit. If you're getting a pimple, or you have a dry spot, just dab this on when you go to bed. I also use it as a moisturizer. You can use it on babies too!
#2 Neosporin Wound Cleanser Foam - available everywhere. Here it is under $4.
This foam saves me every time. If one of the kids falls and gets a boo boo, then they call for the bubbles! You squirt this on and the foaming bubbles distract them and clean the wound at the same time. I give this as a gift paired with bandaids and other first aid items.

#3 alba un-petroleum Jelly - This stuff is amazing. It's helped us a lot with my daughter's eczema. It doesn't smell bad, and it helps keep dry skin lubricated. I buy it in bulk here and it saves a ton.

#4 hope in a jar from Philosophy (available online & at Sephora) - I just tried this for the first time and I like it a lot. I've been putting in on the backs of my hands...they are looking much older than fortysomething lately. It smells a little odd, but it works great. I am going to try it on my face next...I'm sure it will give me hope.
#5 Burt's Bees Rosewater & Glycerin Toner - reminds me of England for some reason. I have always adored rosewater...it smells divine and I'm not afraid of it being too harsh for me face. I definitely recommend this to delicate skin gals. It's around $12.

#6 Jason Sunbrellas Sport Sunscreen - the smell reminds me of the days we slathered ourselves with tropical sun tan oil. It really works and it stayed on great where I applied it. Don't tell the rest of my skin, where I miss applying while I was on the lake. Available at a great price here.

Some other items I use: Nioxin conditioner (helps with skin problems too), Boots brand make up at Target, Trader Joe's French hand soap with orange and honey, and I just started taking a Vitamin D3 supplement. It seems to be helping with some of my skin allergies.

Hope this list helps your skin too!

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