A Real Life Blog Party

I've been having too much fun lately.  Blogging that is.  And meeting gals who really want to know how to blog...the technical stuff, the easy stuff like uploading pics, and some tricks of the trade.  And I've been reading new blogs like crazy.  Of course, there will never be enough time in day to read enough blogs...apparently 150,000 new blogs are created every day.  (Which is probably true considering how many blogs I have created!)
Today was gorgeous here...like a sign for the end of summer...it rained like crazy yesterday and then today was pitch perfect...sun, breeze, 70s...people were happy!
Went out to Ozark and tried two new places.  Leola's is a super cute, clean, fun, not pricey "flea market", but it only has "booths" for the gals who own and run it.  A brilliant idea if you ask me.  I'm going to their fall show next week, I will take pics.  We got to talking and I'm going to organize a blogging class for them and any of their friends...maybe on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.  We'll do it in the store at their cute vintage tables and chairs, have hor d'ouvres and possibly even cocktails!  A real blog party eh?  YAYYYYY!  I'm so excited!
I've also got a possibility of organizing a Vintage Tag Sale at Inspirational Home in mid-October.  I have to get a list of all the flea people and invite them, but I also need to find displayers.  That'll be the hard part.  I'll have more info on that soon!
Have a great weekend!  LOVE YA!

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