Playing Catch Up Again

I've been kind of wrapped up in The Blog Guidebook the past few weeks...and I went on a quick trip to Los Angeles...the city of dust, traffic, pollen, crowds of odd people, high gas prices, and my daughter lives there. Had a good time, but got little sleep on the old couch, and drove around way too much.
I did get together with Lyndsay twice, which was awesome. We got quite a bit accomplished. Her little ones are growing way too quickly!
Kathryne is doing well, although not feeling super healthy. She's got a lot on her plate - I think.

Anyway...I was able to get my vacuum, an Ikea comforter, some random shoes and stuff all shipped to me here. At least they're out of Kathryne's way now! I brought a few Trader Joe's items home too...of course!

When I got home I noticed I'm getting free Prime at That means free two day shipping through the month of October. So I ordered an air purifier and some adorable bird stamps I've been lusting after for two years. (They were on sale too!)And a book called French-Inspired Jewelry by Kaari Meng of French General. If you don't know about her, then you need to, as her stuff is gorgeous!
I also received a cute bag from Etsy that is a bit smaller than I thought it would be, but it's still cute and I can put my phone in it and a few essentials if I don't want to carry my purse.

Darcy dropped out of preschool. She needs her momma too much right now. Plus it'll save me $100 a month! At least we tried. Her teacher said she can do all the work and does well in class after she stops crying. But that hour before school she cries the entire time and has a difficult adjustment at dropoff. It's okay though. I don't mind hanging out with her...we get some alone do stuff. She likes going shopping with me, of course. Can't wait till she can stop going to the potty every 20'll be easier then!

So, back to the Blog Guidebook I go! Stop by and see our beautiful posters that are available for purchase. I got mine and it's residing in the entryway...LOVE IT!!!

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