Added all these to my Etsy shop...check it out!

My friend Amanda stopped by the day before the boutique and bought ALL of my rosette clips! Wow! So I stayed up making tons more. No one else bought any...very strange. Anyway, I'm hoping my other client/friend Debra at Inspirational Home may be ordering some of my bird's nest clips for her store! Wouldn't that be cool!?
I also sold my china cabinet and a little round table that were taking up space. I'm going to box everything up that didn't sell and save it for a garage sale in the spring. For some reason I'm really feeling the need for space and clean lines.
I'm hosting a brunch for some old friends in a few weeks so I have lots of projects to complete. Like finally just paint the living room...if I change my mind on the color I can repaint it later. Just do it! I won't go into the list, but it is endless.
I also have to comment that this fall weather has been lovely. The leaves are finally starting to fall off of our oaks...the grass is still green and I'm still picking lettuce from my garden. It's a good thing!


  1. Those are gorgeous!!! I'm totally impressed.

  2. Thanks! You'll be receiving something like this for xmas btw!

  3. I want on your Christmas list too :) So cute!