I have to make these puffs

My new favorite chef on television (Jamie Oliver and Nigella are tied for first) is Laura Calder. She's cute, funny, and I can tell she's super nice. I've been dvr-ing her program on Cooking Channel, it's called French Food at Home. She inspired me to make Beef Bourguignon tonight. So I got interested in seeing if she blogs or has a site or something. She does. I also looked up some of her amazing recipes on Cooking Channel. I found this yummy looking dessert...holy moly. I've been in search of a spongy/cake with whipped cream and jam cookie for years. (I'd had an amazing one in Palo Alto at Peets years ago and haven't been able to forget). I plan on making this puffy delight this week. Let me know if you try any of her recipes! I'll let you know how dinner goes!

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