My new favorite magazines!

With my darling twenty year old daughter visiting me the past few weeks, I realized that I've been neglecting the fashion/youth/beauty industry...I browsed some magazines at Target last night and can't quite grasp how they can all be saying pretty much the same thing to our young people. "Be trendy and hip. Spend money on expensive stuff. Look good, not necessarily be good. Everyone is having sex so you should too. Here's how to."
That may not be it in a nutshell, but good grief, you can't open a magazine while getting a pedicure and relaxing, without reading how to have ten orgasms a day or what he really thinks.
Trust me, I know what He thinks.
Okay, no more soapbox talk. I'm loving online and FREE magazines these days! There's a bunch, all you have to do is find a few and you'll be led to more. There are many many home decorating mags (my personal faves), but you can also find travel and fashion and beauty and shopping and mommy magazines. Most are published by a few friends who've got talent and decided to make a magazine and I think they're great. They look glossy and you can read them anywhere you've got wi-fi!
Here are a few that I particularly like at the moment. Do you have any you love? Share them here!!! And here's a great place to find your own mag.

And I like Matthew Mead Style, but you have to pay for a subscription...not bad with so many freebies!

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