New gig and all the newsy stuff.

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't written in a while, I've had terrible pain in my arm as a result of "frozen shoulder", which you may not have heard of. I'd never heard of it. There is a technical, latin term, but I can't remember it.
So I've been focusing all my attention on The Blog Guidebook...which is coming along nicely...have you joined?

I've also been blessed to have become a contributor at The Girl Creative. I have the Thursday slot and begin in a few you'll have to go over and check out my new creations...if I can think of any!

My daughter was here for two weeks last month...that was lovely. I miss that precious thing...she's twenty years old and I love hanging out with her. She's what I always dreamed I might be. Isn't that what our children should be, the best of us?

I'm heading out to California yet again, in two weeks! I'm looking forward to some R&R that's for sure. I'll also be attending the CA women's retreat up in the mountains. I really really hope the weather is good...I think I deserve a little sunshine!

Another reason for going is so my dear friend Chris can cut and color my hair. I'm looking very shlumpy right now...
And I'm going to hopefully see Dr. Charles and get his opinion on my shoulder issue and if there's anything else I should work on. (I'm sure there is!)

Now I'm just waiting for spring here in MO.  It's been a horrendous winter for winter I'm getting out of here!  I'm NOT kidding!

There's a ton of other stuff happening too...I'll keep you posted.

Plus I'm working on a new blog design for myself and a new client.  Can't wait to show you!

Keep Blogging!


  1. WHERE ARE YOU IN MO? I am a native of Kansas City and live in MD, I miss home often. Thanks for checking in, we miss you.

  2. Ca is downright COLD and wet today... hope it will be better whne you gt here :) And, yes I know it is colder where you are, but come on... snow preditcted at sea level here in CA tonight and tomorrow??? That is jsut WRONG!!!!

    Love Blog Guide, and looking forward to checking out your new creations too :)


  3. KC,MO resident here...I'm liking the unpredictability of our weather.
    <3 the BlogGuideBook - awesome site!!!
    Congrats on the gig @ TGC too! :o)
    All the Best!
    ...M... @ Require Life