Today is my Blogoversary!

I know it's been another year, but I don't even know how many years its been! Wowsers! I started blogging in 2002 when I married my husband. We had a "family" blog that fell by the wayside when I started my own blog...which I think was a year or two later. Not sure, will have to check that out. Hard to believe it's been 5 years!
I'm in the midst of re-designing the blog. Trying a few new things etc., so it will look different (dog) for a while.

Some things I'm working on around here:

Just started T-Tapp. It's one of the few exercise programs you can do with a wammy shoulder.

My 6 year old just graduated from Kindergarten and I'm in shock-awe!

We're having such an awesome spring so far, cool, rainy, very English. My garden is coming along nicely. I have to plant a few more squashes, and then I'm done.

I'm looking forward to summer, taking the girls to the pool, going to the St. Louis Zoo, garage saling and flea marketing and getting the school room in shape for fall!

I'm heading to San Diego in August to the BlogHer convention there...we'll see what it's all about.

And prepare yourselves...The Blog Guidebook is co-sponsoring a "conference" also in San Diego in February 2012. It's all about creativity, finding yourself, and living the real self. It's going to be super cool and I'll be teaching a workshop on Living a Blog-worthy Life.  You know, we all read blogs that look like the writer's life is so perfect and amazing...but I want to teach you how to have that life and blog about it too. I am, therefore I blog. Not vice versa.

There will also be crafts and workshops and a marketplace. Stay tuned!

In a week or two I'll also start some giveaways at The Blog Guidebook for our one year anniversary! Can you believe it's been a year! Wow! We've come a long way baby! Check there for all the fun stuff happening soon.

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