Laminator Wanted

As a lover of all office supplies and as a new homeschooling mom, I've heard that I need a laminator. I've laminated tons of things before in the school workroom or at work. But I've never used it just for a home project...but I'm getting excited, think of the possibilities! I really want to laminate my favorite recipes (the ones I use weekly), so I don't have to keep printing them out. We are loving using the dry erase markers and crayons right now, so that is a perfect reason to laminate! I found a cool pouch that I can tuck worksheets into, but what fun is that for mom?

Read The Pioneer Woman's love of laminating here.

This one looks like a subway sandwich to me...

Do you have a laminator you don't want anymore? Do you want to upgrade? I'm looking for something under $30 to get me started on my hot plastic journey. Leave me a comment and I'll get back to you!

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